Photo taken by David Hayes

Photo taken by David Hayes

I grew up in a strange little town where a lot of weird things happened. Mysterious missing people, haunted houses, devil's hoof-prints and ancient stones.

I was always fascinated by these strange and unusual things and they've made their way into the art I make. My endeavour is to weave these stories into my work and transport you to other worlds, away from your hectic real life. Into a place of magic, ghosts, liminal spaces and mystery. All my work has a story, but my greatest joy is when people see their own stories in it.

I have worked in comics, books, galleries, games, films and appeared in a Netflix series, but my dreams and ideas for my own work took a back seat.

In the last year I have taken the leap to becoming an independent artist. This means I can put out more art into the world, art that actually belongs to me and tells my stories (and yours too). I'm building a community through Patreon and putting my work into products and merch I care about. Both of these allow fans to help fund the creation of more art they enjoy, while getting extra goodies in return.

When I'm not drawing or painting I love cooking, listening to a good ghost story, photography, horror films and being outside.

Email: Ysvyri